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Sunday, July 21, 2013

What Kind of Beauty Matters? The Inside or the Outside?

Read about Margaret of Costello who would be a great patron for Lizzie! She's one of my favorite saints. Margaret was born blind, humpbacked, with major physical deformities. She was less blessed than Lizzie whose parents loved her. Margaret's parents took her to a shrine hoping for a miraculous cure and when she wasn't cured they abandoned her in a strange city. Poor girl. She always made excuses for them. What a grace-filled young woman she must have been - like Lizzie. Think about all the "beautiful people" who live lives committed to selfishness and evil. You wonder if there's a picture in the attic showing all their corruption. Then there's Lizzie who, like Mother Teresa, may be lacking in physical beauty, but shines with the light of Christ! May God shower her with blessings and bless everyone who hears her speak.

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