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Monday, July 1, 2013

Eat Better, Eat Local, and Support Family Farmers

Are you concerned that the food you eat is real and the freshest and healthiest possible? Don't count on an "organic" label. Organic is becoming big business for big companies. Look at one staple in your diet -- the egg. Factory farm egg production that claims to meet "organic" standards is now a big business where a company will have 35,000 chickens in a house with one tiny access door to the outdoors. That's organic?
Check it out here.

If you're lucky like we are to live in the country, look around for the opportunities to buy local and fresh. We get our eggs from a farm where we walk into a shed, open the refrigerator, take out our eggs and leave $2.00 in a cup. The eggs look different with a yoke that's almost orange. The white isn't watery, but thick. And they taste different as well. Yum!

If you don't live in the country look for your local farmers' market. You can buy everything from fresh eggs, produce, and local honey to buffalo meat. And take the kids as well because it's an entertaining outing and an education. Supporting the small family farmer meets the Church's standard of subsidiarity. Start at the lowest level possible, the local family farm. If you buy from  local family farmers, you will getting the freshest and the best.

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