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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

When the Family Breaks Down...

...this is what you get!

Read more here.

Note that the video shows a majority of black teens although the news goes out of the way to avoid mentioning it. This is what liberal policies have given us and continue to give us. Driving black dads out of the family resulted in out-of-control youth. More young men turn to gangs. More young men see violence as proof of their manhood.

And now no-fault divorce is doing to the white family what welfare did to minorities. Watch for an increase in violent young people across the board. God help us! Pray for families and help to mentor youngsters. They need good, solid role models!

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breathnach said...

Theodore Dalrymple has been chronicling the rise of the white British underclass for quite some time. America is on the way to the same fate.