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Friday, July 5, 2013

One More Example of Police Violating Citizens' Rights

I know somebody will comment that they have no problem with the police violating this young man's rights and that he was just asking for it by not lowering the window. But the reality is that the Constitution protects citizens from this type of police action. How far should we go in cooperating with unconstitutional searches. When they bang down your door and demand you leave your home with your hands in the air like they did in Boston, will you think it's justified? How about when they demand entry to your home to search for and confiscate your legal firearms. America is moving toward a police state. It's time to stop rolling over and playing dead or we may be! I was the victim of an unconstitutional action myself at an abortion mill in Alexandria. I didn't sue the police department but I could have and they knew it. Pray for our poor country!

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