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Monday, July 15, 2013

I LOVE This Story: Tim the Hugger!

Meet Tim: 27-year-old restaurant owner with Down syndrome

I'm sending my Albuquerque friends to get me a virtual hug on video. I want one. Yea, Tim! 

Just think, 80% of kids with Downs are murdered before birth. What a sad hole would have been left in the world without Tim. If you know a pregnant mom with an in utero diagnosis of a child with Downs, send her this article and video. The world doesn't need more Ph.D.'s. It needs more Tims!

1 comment:

Jeanne Holler said...

If only we had more Tim's ...the world would be a very happy and hugfilled place!
This was a great story and post!
It put a smile on my face for sure!