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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Truth about the Gay Lifestyle -- From a Refugee Who Fled

The article is worth reading in toto!

The Truth About the Homosexual Rights Movement


There was a "gay" bookstore called Lobo's in Austin, Texas, when I was living there as a grad student. The layout was interesting. Looking inside from the street all you saw were books. It looked like any other bookstore. There was a section devoted to classic "gay" fiction by writers such as Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Stein, and W.H. Auden. There were biographies of prominent "gay" icons, some of whom, like Walt Whitman, would probably have accepted the homosexual label, but many of whom, like Whitman's idol, President Lincoln, had been commandeered for the cause on the basis of evidence no stronger than a bad marriage or an intense same-sex friendship. There were impassioned modern "gay" memoirs, and historical accounts of the origins and development of the "gay rights" movement.

Respectability – "a front for the porn"

It all looked so innocuous and disarmingly bourgeois. But if you went inside to browse, before long you noticed another section, behind the books, a section not visible from the street. The pornography section. Hundreds and hundreds of pornographic videos, all involving men, but otherwise catering to every conceivable sexual taste or fantasy. And you would notice something else too. There were no customers in the front. All the customers were in the back, rooting through the videos. As far as I know, I am the only person who ever actually purchased a book at Lobo's. The books were, in every sense of the word, a front for the porn.So why waste thousands of dollars on books that no one was going to buy? It was clear from the large "on sale" section that only a pitifully small number of books were ever purchased at their original price. The owners of Lobo's were apparently wasting a lot of money on gay novels and works of gay history, when all the real money was in pornography. But the money spent on books wasn't wasted. It was used to purchase a commodity that is more precious than gold to the gay rights establishment. Respectability. Respectability and the appearance of normalcy. Without that investment, we would not now be engaged in a serious debate about the legalization of same-sex "marriage." By the time I lived in Austin, I had been thinking of myself as a gay man for almost 20 years. Based on the experience acquired during those years, I recognized in Lobo's a metaphor for the strategy used to sell gay rights to the American people, and for the sordid reality that strategy concealed.  Read more here.


  1. wow wow wow. What a story. God bless and strengthen that young man, and may his story go viral.

  2. Thanks, Mary Ann! I'm glad this guy spoke up and I'm glad you published the article. Bless you and him!

  3. This is one of the most amazing articles I've ever read - so well written and educational. A lot of the truths you're speaking about can either be corroborated personally by the reader, or substantiated through people the reader would know. I'm saving this one.

  4. Thank you for posting this, Mary Anne. I will read it a few pages at a time. I used to hear Rev. McIlnery on the Life Line radio program here in California in the 1970's - 1980's. He was a good and decent man, and it is terrible what the LGBT Community tried to do to him. He was no raving maniac, but just told the truth charitably about the dangers and evils of practicing sodomy and other disease ridden practices. They did not listen to him or the other doctors and nurses trying to bring sanity to the situation, and for that they paid the price in AIDS, anal gonorrhea and cancer, and many other STD's. He outlived many or most of them.

  5. Gotta show respect to the author for his integrity.
    I just have one question, what does the author think that causes his homosexuality?
    Does he think he was born this way? Or is it environmental?