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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Contraceptives that Are NOT Contraceptives

Planned Parenthood and other population control/anti-natalist organizations would like you to believe that Plan B  is a contraceptive. They are so serious about misleading women that they call Plan B emergency contraception. One problem: evidence indicates that it's not a contraceptive at all, but an abortifacient.

Let's start by defining terms. What is a contraceptive? The word derives from Latin contra, meaning against, and the ending of coneptio (or the old French conception) meaning conceiving, i.e., the fertilization of an ovum by a sperm forming a zygote. A contraceptive, by definition, prevents conception or the beginning of a new life.

But that is NOT how Plan B and other chemical birth control methods operate. It does not prevent ovulation nor does it prevent the sperm and ovum from joining, i.e. the event of ovulation. It's most likely operation is to prevent implantation by altering the lining of the uterus. Instead of the baby arriving at a plush apartment to take up residence for the next 37 weeks, the baby arrives in the midst of a home demolition to be tossed out along with the trash.

Read about a recent study that examines exactly how Plan B works here. Dr. Dominic Pedulla, MD describes the results of the study on Plan B: 
Previously, the method has been viewed as a contraceptive, but a closer look at the findings of a new study, published in the Contraception Journal, suggests that it may have a predominant, abortifacient effect.
The study itself claims to show that Plan B is not abortifacient, but the actual results showed that women given the drug BEFORE ovulation, even though they subsequently ovulated, experienced 0 pregnancies. The data ruled out interference with sperm since the drug was given AFTER intercourse. According to Dr. Pedulla:
Is Plan B a contraceptive at all? The preponderance of the evidence suggests not. Seeing this, other investigators have recently advanced far-flung, speculative explanations such as glycodelin-A[20] effects, and the relatively new concept of the “unfertilizable oocyte”[21], the former being ultimately disproved by the very investigators raising the possibility and the latter[22] being not so much a case of data in search of conclusions as a priori conclusions in search of supporting data.[23]
In view of the dishonest redefining of terms, e.g., Planned Parenthood says "Pregnancy begins when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus," one must often evaluate critically studies that claim to prove one thing when they actually illustrate something else. The Planned Parenthood example shows how the lie works. Their definition of pregnancy contains two huge lies. First, a "fertilized egg" NEVER implants in the uterus. The egg is fertilized in the upper third of the fallopian tube and cell division begins within hours. By the time the growing embryo reaches the uterus, the child is already about 100 cells, hardly a "fertilized egg." It is an embryo who implants in the uterine wall. Why would PP make what is obviously an obvious medical error? Because they want to dehumanize the baby. A living, rapidly-growing embryo  is a little harder to ignore than a "fertilized egg."

PP's second lie is that pregnancy begins at implantation. Implantation, however, doesn't take place until a week or ten days after fertilization when the pregnancy is already off to a good start. What exactly does PP think the little one is before day ten? A carrot? Obviously a woman is pregnant when the sperm penetrates the egg and the baby begins to grow. If there is no pregnancy until the baby implants in the uterus, there would be no such thing as an ectopic pregnancy where the baby is growing in the fallopian tube.

There are many who have a stake in promoting the notion that drugs that cause early abortions do not. So-called chemical contraceptive methods actually cause abortions all or most of the time. The attempt to claim otherwise is simply a modern example of newspeak where words are used deceptively to mean the opposite of reality. Calling Plan B and other chemical birth control methods contraceptives is newspeak from PP and other people of the lie.

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