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Friday, July 12, 2013

Abortion Activists in Texas: Wow! What a Group!

Obscenity? Grotesque behavior? Blasphemous and obscene signs held by children? Assaulting police? Legislators and their staff threatened? Obama egging on the protesters? (No surprise there: that's what Alinsky community organizing is all about!) Advertising on Craig's List to hire the "Hail Satan" crowd?

The mask is off. These people are sick and evil. Pray for them. They not only advocate killing children in the womb, they pervert their own children. Pray for the poor innocents! Pray that Texas finally passes this bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks and require abortion mills to meet the same standards other free standing surgical clinics have to meet. After all, if abortion mills are as unregulated as illegal abortions were, we've just moved the coat hangars from the back alley to the unregulated legal butcher shop! But that's what the pro-abortionists want - unregulated abortion, abortion by non-physicians, abortion on demand without apology, abortion as a sacred sacrament. And if it takes bringing down the rule of law through mob action like screaming and yelling on the floor to prevent legislators from voting, they'll do it! It's a battle and Texas is the current battleground. Which side do you see yourself on? The feces and urine and tampon throwers? The Hail Satan chanters? The perverters of childhood innocence? Or do you stand with the law of God that says "You shall not kill?" Please make acts of reparation for the horrendous acts of the pro-aborts at the Texas capitol.

Blashpemous sign held by an obvious minor. Shame on her mom!
Texas Police Confiscate Jars of Urine, Feces From Abortion Activists

Texas Abortion Activists Plan to Throw Tampons, Pads at Legislators

Texas Abortion Activist to Pro-Life Legislator: I Want to “Pummel His Face In”

Pro-Abortion Wendy Davis Backers Tell Legislator “I Hope Your Daughter’s Raped”

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