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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sanford: Bracing for Violence whether Zimmerman is Found Guilty or Innocent

It's really sad to think that no matter how things go in the George Zimmerman trial, authorities anticipate violence. Not only if Zimmerman is found innocent (which he should be in view of the lack of evidence to support a 2nd degree murder charge), but in the event he's found guilty and the "celebrating gets out of hand." Sad isn't it?

Think about it. If violence breaks out, the police will NOT be able to protect everybody. Riots happen. Remember New Orleans after Katrina with looters terrorizing neighborhoods. Read more about both police abuse (illegally confiscating guns) and police inability to provide protection to honest citizens. Katrina converted a lot of folks in New Orleans who found out the only people they could depend on for protection were themselves and their concerned neighbors. Read more here.


c matt said...

Technically, he could not be found innocent, only not guilty, because the burden of proof is on the state to find him guilty, not on Zimmerman to prove he is innocent.

Anita Moore said...

Zimmerman should have never been charged in the first place. How was it ethical for these prosecutors to move on this? When I read accounts of the testimony, I can't believe that's not the defense's case.

And yet: what if the jury is swayed more by thoughts of violence in the streets than by the (paucity of) evidence? What if, after the state puts on this turkey of a case that should never have been brought to begin with, the jury still convicts?

This business is a disgrace from start to finish. Clearly, the corruption of government is not confined to the federal level.