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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Virgin Mary, Untier of Knots, We Place Our Country in Your Hands

Well, she couldn't get a conviction in a court of law because there was no evidence to sustain it. So now Prosecutor Angela Corey is trying George Zimmerman in the media. Calling him a "murderer" on prime time TV has earned her the scorn of lawyers including well-known Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz:
"[George Zimmerman] probably has a defamation action against her. She has no immunity as a prosecutor for appearing on television and if I were his lawyer I would think seriously about bringing a defamation lawsuit against her." [See more here.]
Zimmerman and his parents are in hiding after numerous death threats.

 And Zimmerman's acquittal like that of the LAPD police officers in the Rodney King case a decade ago, is the excuse for some to loot and riot and attack innocent people for having the wrong skin color. Remember Reginald Denny who was dragged from his truck and nearly beaten to death?
Did the white community riot as a result? Racism and civil rights violations cut both ways, but you'd never know it from the way the media treats these things. They almost seem to relish the violence so they can boost their ratings.

In my opinion, the riots in L.A. can be laid directly at the feet of those like Angela Corey and Al Sharpton and their media enablers stirring up anger and hatred. After failing to get a guilty verdict, Corey seems determined to destroy Zimmerman in the media. And Al Sharpton has made it clear he will keep the pot boiling by organizing riots  demonstrations in cities around the country. 

Please pray for everyone involved in this sad situation, especially George Zimmerman who has a target on his back. As a mom I feel compassion for both these mothers. Sybrina Fulton lost her son in February 12, 2012. Gladys Zimmerman is losing her son to a politically correct script making him the scapegoat for every civil rights injustice in our nation's history. It's a point made in an interesting article whose author tries to explain the rage over the verdict. I think she's wrong in one sense. Most of the people being incited have absolutely no knowledge of the civil rights battle in the south. Aside from Martin Luther King, they wouldn't recognize the name of a single civil rights activist of the '50s. They are not acting out due to memories of past injustice, they are being incited by those who desire power who will gain it even at the price of destroying our legal system. 

If I were one of those jurors, I would fear for my life and for my family. What kind of chilling effect will that have on the next trial where a white defends himself with lethal force against a black aggressor? 

As for me, I think the only thing to do at present is pray and I'm directing my prayers to Our Lady, Untier of Knots. 

Prayer to the Virgin Mary as Untier of Knots
Hail Mary, full of the presence of God, during your life you accepted with great humility the holy will of the father and legacy of your Son our Lord Jesus Christ, and evil never dared to entangle you with its confusion. Since then you have interceded for all of our difficulties as you did at the wedding feast of Cana. With all simplicity and with patience, you have given us an example of how to untangle the knots in our complicated lives. By being our mother forever you arrange and make clear the path that unites us to Our Lord.
Hail Mary, Mother of God and ours, with your maternal heart, untie the knots that upset our lives. We ask you to receive into your hands ( George Zimmerman and all his family, the soul of Trayvon Martin and all his family, and Angela Corey and all those inciting rage and violence) and deliver us from the chains and confusion that restrain us. Blessed Virgin Mary, through your grace, your intercession, and your example, deliver us from evil, and untie the knots that keep us from being united to God. So that fee of all confusion and error, we may find him in all things, keep him in our hearts, and serve him always in our brothers and sisters. Mother of Good Counsel, pray for us. Amen


Elisa said...

I heard on WTOP radio this morning that one of the women jurors has been interviewed on CNN:
Her face wasn't shown.

Anonymous said...

well OJ is innocent too
just shows to go ya