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Friday, July 26, 2013

"Catholic" Charities that are Anything But!

Another scandal from a Catholic charity, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) (not the first I might add). It's important to realize that many of the big Catholic charities have become nothing but conduits for transferring taxpayer dollars to the third world, often with the same agenda held by the population controllers running the U.S. They can "sell" their evil much easier in Catholic countries by using a "Catholic" agency to do the dirty. And Catholic Relief Services has shown themselves happy to oblige.

Catholic Relief Services distributes abortifacients in Madagascar: on-the-ground investigation

Sad to say, you cannot trust most of the big Catholic charities: Cartholic Relief Services (CRS) is up to its neck in promoting the anti-life message in the third world. Catholic Charities (CC) scandals abound, and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) sends one third to one half of money collected to Alinsky organizing groups that do their darnedest to undermine the faith and elect politicians diametrically opposed to Catholic teaching. And how do the bishops respond to criticism of these horrendous abuses? They attack the messengers. Very sad. 

My suggestion is hold on to your wallet and give to organizations that you have really vetted. If you know a missionary priest in a foreign land who is doing good work, support him! If you have a local Catholic community outreach group that you work with, support it! But don't keep pouring money into these "Catholic" organizations that use your donations to do evil or act as money laundering groups for the death-dealing feds. God help us when we can't trust the princes of the Church to mind the store, but that, unfortunately, is where we are. 

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