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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The George Zimmerman Show Trial

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman tragedy is drawing to a conclusion, but it will never be ended and there will be no "winners." If George Zimmerman goes free, as he should since the prosecution never presented a case that upholds second degree murder (or even the manslaughter charge thrown in at the last moment), there are likely to be riots. A community already suffering from the sad events of that fateful night will be further ravaged. If Zimmerman is found guilty, it will be a real perversion of justice since all of the evidence supports Zimmerman's story that he was attacked and in fear for his life when he shot Martin. But I can't imagine that he doesn't wish with all his heart that somebody else was patrolling the community for Neighborhood Watch that night.

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, a well-known liberal,
has come out with a scathing commentary on the prosecution in the Zimmerman trial calling for their disbarment!
Dershowitz: Zimmerman Prosecutors 'Should Be Disbarred'

Dershowitz isn't the only one describing the unethical actions of the state's lawyers.
Why the Zimmerman Prosecutors Should Be Disbarred 
And many are calling the courtroom fiasco a "show trial," the "strangest" show on TV, etc.
Rush Limbaugh
Orlando Sentinel 
Ann Coulter calls the trial and illustration of "racial demagoguery"  
Media bias has been evident since the very beginning as reporters depicted Martin, by all accounts a troubled drug-using teenager inclined to violence, as an angelic 12-year-old. They showed out of date photos and ignored his record of violence and drug use including many martial-arts-type fights and a violent attitude displayed in tweets and Facebook posts. They ignored the fact that Martin described by police as 6 feet and 160 pounds was in better physical shape than the 5'8" 190 pound Zimmerman. 

On the other hand, media edited 911 tapes to "prove" that Zimmerman was a racist who "profiled" and targeted the teen and set out to do him harm because he was black, a strange accusation in view of Zimmerman and his wife mentoring black youth. But the media dug around in Zimmerman's past to paint him as a violent cop wannabee, determined to make him a black-hearted murderer. They described the dark skinned Hispanic as "white" to emphasize the racist slant they created. It was a scenario that matched their desire to see Zimmerman fried no matter what the evidence in court showed.
Media's High-Tech Lynching of George Zimmerman
The Real Story Behind the George Zimmerman Trial  (Media Distortion)
Zimmerman is "victim of a racist witch hunt" 
What's the truth about George Zimmerman? Check out some sites that describe his background. He is hardly the racist white guy eager to murder a black teenager.
George Zimmerman 
Zimmerman Worked to Get Justice for Homeless Black Man 
And if Trayvon was what Obama's "son" would look like, the president would have been the father of a troubled kid kicked out of the house by his mom for fighting, one who was a thief who vandalized property, smoked mirijuana (It was in his system when he died.) and was frequently in trouble. If Trayvon had just gone home that night he would be alive today. Instead he picked a fight because a "creepy ass cracker" appeared to be following him.

Pray for everyone involved in this sad case, especially for the repose of the soul of Trayvon, justice for George Zimmerman, and safety for the community of Sanford. In view of the mob outside the courthouse demanding "justice" for Trayvon which means lynching George Zimmerman, safety may be a matter of wishful thinking.

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