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Monday, July 22, 2013

Terry McAuliffe: One More Lying Liberal

Even the Washington Post couldn't excuse TM's bald-faced lie in last week's debate when he said that Ken Cuccinelli committed illegal financial acts. But that just makes McAuliffe a typical lying, liberal politician. Worse than that lie is his scandalous pretense to be a Catholic. Like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, he waves the "I am a devout Catholic" flag while vigorously supporting the murder of children and advancing the homosexual agenda. He attends St. Luke's in McLean and, according to a source there, tried to get himself appointed an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, but his services were refused, thank God.

Think of the chutzpah of such a request! The man should be excommunicated along with other pro-abortion Catholic politicians who do more to kill babies
than the woman who has one. An abortion-minded woman is limited in the number of babies she can kill, but McAuliffe and his cronies enable the killing of millions! To advertise on his Facebook page that he is a Catholic is a scandal. He should be forbidden Communion for his own soul's sake and to prevent the public scandal of sacrilege which is a mortal sin against the first commandment! A man who will thumb his nose at God, sure can't be trusted as governor.

McAuliffe's blatant lies and misrepresentation of Ken Cuccinelli's positions on issues is demagoguery at its worst. The truth is not in him. (Well, he's a "friend of Bill" Clinton after all so I guess that's not too surprising.) Here's just one example of the man's dishonesty that should be shouted from the rooftops!

Shame on You, Terry McAuliffe

There aren't enough Pinnochio's for Terry McAuliffe!

And here's one more article that tells you exactly what kind of man he is when it comes to politics and his family. Keep in mind, that he wrote about this male chauvinist pig behavior himself! Women are behind him all right -- way behind! Keep 'em dumb, clueless about the family finances, and alone during childbirth. What a sweetheart!

The Year's Worst Candidate


Unknown said...

Terry McAAuliffe a feel good monster, who want to ruin a perfectly good State, and screw it up. Just look at his demeanor, he behaves, as if he deserves to have the all the Federal government personnel bow down and vote him in as if he were some crown prince or something. What a joke, you know how all the elites just give jobs away to the least effective candidates.

Unknown said...

Terry McAuliffe, how does a useless fickled poster boy for Bill Clinton's fundraising, and the ex-chair of Democratic National Committee manage to have any serious management ability to run a state as a Governor, he's a money guy. That's all he knows. He will ruin the state of Virginia. It too bad, cause that state was one of prettiest east coast states around.