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Monday, July 15, 2013

Quote of the Day from Thomas Sowell

"I am so old that I can remember when most of the people promoting race hate were white.”

Thomas Sowell is one of my favorite commentators. He's honest, articulate, and....ironic as this quote illustrates. I found his quote at the end of an article about a white man, Joshua Chellew, beat up and left unconscious in a busy street by four black men. They walked away and he was hit by a car and killed. It happened in the midst of the Zimmerman trial, but I'll bet you haven't heard of this black on white crime. Al Sharpton sure isn't calling for a civil rights investigation to ensure the white man wasn't profiled and targeted because of his race. No...only whites can be guilty of racially motivated hate crimes. 

Now what if the races had been reversed and the three attackers were white and Chellew black. It would be front page news for weeks. But Joshua Chellew won't get even 15 minutes of fame. As the author of the article pointed out:
[I]f Chellew had been able to defend himself against one or all of [his assailants] he’d be the new George Zimmerman. We’d be seeing baby pictures of his attackers. Al Sharpton would be marching. Jay Carney would be filibustering away all questions about Obama’s latest race-baiting. MSNBC would be on full alert. 
But Chellew wasn’t able to defend himself. He probably deserved it, right? I mean, just look at him. You can’t get any whiter than that.
Read more at Why is Joshua Chellew less important than Trayvon Martin?

Race relations in this country are coming unglued. The divide is greater now than almost any time since the civil rights era and the new targets for racial hatred are often white. The country hoped that electing the first black president in history would finally bring to a close the senseless racial animosity based on nothing but skin color. But, in fact, Obama has almost gone out of his way to exacerbate the problem with his inflammatory comments about the Gates arrest and his statements in the Trayvon Matrin case. And the media, well...there are hardly words enough to describe their bias and deliberate provocation, for example, labeling anyone who disagrees with Obama policies a racist. 

I happened to be in jail with Operation Rescue's Springtime of Life in Buffalo, NY when the L.A. riots occurred after the officers involved in Rodney King's beating were acquitted. Over and over, the media showed footage of the approximately one-minute tape of Rodney King being tazed and clubbed with nightsticks. What the media FAILED to show was the bull-like King charging the police officers and repeatedly trying to get up when they ordered him to stop. Fifty-three people were killed in the ensuing riots which became an excuse for massive looting, murders, beatings, and arson. The media deserves a big chunk of credit for the '92 L.A. riots in my opinion. Thank God this time everybody was calling for non-violence. 

But we have a serious racial divide in this country today that seems to be getting worse. Pray for peace.

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