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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Big Rotten Apple: Where Anthony Wiener is a Leading Candidate for Mayor

Should one laugh or cry over the Anthony Wiener sexting farce? The Drudge Report describes the media attention as "balls to the wall coverage" linking to a Variety article. Their lead headline at present is "an erection update" linking to a New York Times piece. The story is reality TV material -- NYC in the raw. It reminds me of a movie review of Bloom in Love I saw years ago with WTOP's film critic, Davey Marlin-Jones. He called the film the "slickest of the sickies" where "rape heals all wounds." If not rape, adultery, abortion, pornography, government-sponsored fornication: the perfect candidate for the Democrats' party platform.

Watching the Anthony Wiener farce, I keep hearing that phrase, "slickest of the sickies,"  cycle in my head. There Wiener is at another press conference with his humiliated wife standing by her man... ah..."Once more into the fray...."  And what has happened in the election polls since Wiener's sick behavior was exposed? He's shot to the lead and now holds 25% of the electorate. That's NYC for you, a city that never fails to reward corruption.

A sick candidate for a sick city, perhaps the slickest of the sick cities, the big rotten apple!

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