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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pridefest Seattle Where (In)Tolerance Rules

Two Christian street preachers felt the wrath of the "gay" community for daring to warn them to "Repent, or Else." Now that warning is pretty mild compared to what St. Paul says about homosexual relations, but, hey, any criticism of the "gay" lifestyle is intolerable. So it's okay for "gays" to be intolerant of intolerance and beat up somebody who ticks them off. We've seen it before. But isn't it touching how their tolerant buddies came to the rescue cheering on the guys conducting the beating.

Well, somebody finally did pull the attackers off. And thank God for videos. Looks like the two guys involved will be charged. The lead beater is no stranger to the jailhouse. He has a rap sheet a mile long. Don't you wish he was your neighbor?

Another day, another pridefest. You can see how proud they are of their tolerance!

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