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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Lefty Liberal and the Lying Media? Or Was it the Lying Lefty and the Liberal Media?

Media fooled by leftist plant at pro-Zimmerman rally

Hmm...I don't think she was really a "plant." This gal showed up at the Zimmerman rally  but, when asked by a Breitbart reporter, openly declared her sign was a sarcastic slam at the Zimmerman supporters. It's pretty obvious in the Breitbart video that she's with a Trayvon Martin supporter in a hoodie. It was the media that linked her to the Zimmerman group including  the New York Daily News and the London Daily Mail. Well, hey, anyone who disagrees with the liberal agenda must be a racist right? If you voted against white black Obama you're a racist too. There is no such thing as a principled conservative, only racist, homophobic, intolerant, fanatical, ugly right-wing zealots. Ho hum!

It's unclear to me from reading several articles whether Renee Vaughan was actually trying to infiltrate and demonize the Zimmerman supporters or whether the media just saw what they expected and ran with it to discredit the rally. Was it a stupid, irresponsible media mistake? Or was it a deliberate slander?

At any rate, many media outlets reported Vaughan among Zimmerman's supporters. Shame on them! She wasn't! Read more here and here.

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