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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Do Democrats Love Riots?

It's a fair question, I think.

They love killing babies in the womb -- especially poor black and Hispanic babies. Many of their biggest fundraisers are rich whites like Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood who oversees hundreds of abortion mills in the inner cities. There's a fortune to be made in killing minority babies!

They love killing babies in the Third World and sterilizing their moms.  USAID (Agency for International Development) has been up to its neck in that eugenics agenda for decades.

They love provoking racism eagrly using racist tactics against blacks who dare to stray off their liberal plantation. Case in point: their attempt at a "high tech lynching" of Clarence Thomas to sink his Supreme Court nomination. Fortunately, they failed, but not for trying. (Kennedy was eager to "bork" another conservative on the court no matter how low he had to sink to do it.)

The Democrats have plenty to gain by keeping racial tensions alive. Despite the fact that rich liberals with their $100,000 a plate dinners fill the party coffers, Democrats portray themselves as the party of the poor and downtrodden. It's a crock! The only choice they want for the poor is the choice to kill their children. No choice of a decent school. They oppose school choice bigtime! Many Democrats in D.C. send their kids to Sidwell Friends where they can rub shoulders with the Obama girls or to other private schools. But it sure doesn't keep them from portraying themselves as champions of the people.

It seems reasonable to believe that the Obama administration did, in fact, ask the governor of Missouri to delay deployment of the National Guard to Ferguson. After all, the looting and burning remind the nation what will happen if they dare to defy the liberal agenda. And there are so many great photo ops showing the oppression of the poor by the "establishment." Saul Alinsky would love it! And Obama certainly seemed to be encouraging the riots in his speeches. God forgive him!

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  1. Atheistic Communism loves riots and revolutions that are more often sparked on the basis of inequities of wealth than anything else. Think .....the Bolshevic Revolution, the French Revolution and even WW2 ,where in Germany people were using their money to heat their homes.
    Here we are in the good ole USA suddenly finding ourselves confronted by CNN's constant sympathetic biased reporting on racial tensions .
    A little push towards the global governance envisioned by Lenin's friend Armand Hammer? The Gore family's connection to Hammer is well documented.
    Methinks it was not so much a gafaw when Al said HE created the Internet, or that he is the driving force behind the concept of global warming.
    Every family in America and abroad knows someone who has suffered unemployment or who has difficulties finding employment that pays a living wage. Revolution is in the wind as is the NWO to follow.