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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Holy Innocents in Manhattan Spared -- For Now!

Holy Innocents will remain open and will NOT merge with the local homosexual parish. One bit of good news.

But the bigger question is why are all these parishes closing?

When the apostles went out at Pentecost inspired by the Holy Spirit, they began a movement that converted much of the known world in only a few decades. So what has happened to us as Catholics? Where is our zeal and our witness?

Why do the the Jehovah Witnesses, the Morman missionaries and even the Islamic terrorists show more zeal than we do? Why are we, who have the fullness of the truth, not the leaven in the culture?

Time to examine our consciences.


  1. That "Homosexual" parish you mention has 9 Masses every day, 8 Masses on Sunday,. Confession is offered all thoughout the day every day with long lines. The Masses, especially tthose on the weekend, are packed. They have adoration in their lower church every day. They feed the many hundreds of homeless in that area every day. They offer many different ministries and even classes for people. I attended a Latin class there several years ago. I go to the Mass there on Saturday morning, after which we say the Rosary with a fairly large crowd of people. Many of the people there are very devout Catholics who call that "homosexual" church their home.

    The aspersions you make are really out of line, especially if you have never even so much as set foot in that church. You need to apoloize immediatly for such arrogance. I wonder if you will even print this comment because you refuse to admit you that you could possibly be wrong.

  2. Have you ever been to the "homosexual" parish? Do you really know anything about this church? How dare you make such horrific judgments.

    You want to know the kind of people who go there? I know one homeless man who was one of the most devout Catholics I have known. I met him when he came to pray with us at the abortion clinic. He would spend hours in the "homosexual" church in front of th Blessed Sacrament. He was living in a very nasty homeless shelter and had finally secured a place run by the "homosexual" church for the homeless. On the day he was suppose to move in, he fell on the street and died, called to his true home in heaven.

    These are the kind of people you are judging at this Church and comparing with "arians".

    By their fruits you will know them.

    Will you have the courage to print this comment?

  3. I have no doubt there are good and holy people who go to that church and even good and holy priests. And it is not untypical for dissenters to offer services. The devil doesn't mind 99% truth as long as he can get in that 1% of poison.

    But I have no intention of getting into an interminable back and forth with you which is apparently your style from what I've seen on your blog and on Terry Nelson's.

    As for courage -- don't make me laugh, "Catholic in Brooklyn," whoever you are.

  4. My name is Mary Griffin, that is who I am. Terry knows exactly who I am.

    We are all a mixture of good and evil. That is the nature of living in a fallen world. So we should throw an entire parish out because it does not fit in line with what YOU think a parish should be.

    You shall be judged in the same way you judge others.

  5. Nice to meet you, Mary. At least we have one thing in common.LOL!

  6. The following are listed as friendly parishes by New Ways "ministries"

    New York

    Brooklyn: St. Andrew the Apostle,
    St. Boniface,
    St. Athanasius,
    St. Augustine,
    Immaculate Heart of Mary

    Manhattan: Holy Name of Jesus,
    St. Francis Xavier,
    St. Paul the Apostle,
    Church of the Ascension,
    St. Francis of Assisi