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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Interesting Movie Trailer: Origins -- Poisoning our Food

"Food is medicine or food is poison."

I'm not sure how this movie will actually reflect environmentalism, etc., but it looks promising. Note the concern over the increasing infertility of the population because of chemicals poisoning us. Especially,  note the lovely presentation of the unborn baby. I'll be interested to see the entire documentary. They are offering a free ten-day screening on the internet. Watch the trailer and take advantage of the short window to see the entire movie.


  1. I'm watching this and have mixed feelings. I'm not sure how much of the information in the film is accurate and based on hard science. The film accepts global warming -- which raised a red flag. The section on "meditation" is interesting because isn't that exactly what the rosary is? And the information on good digestive health is pretty standard. I'd be interested to hear what you think of this if you watch it.

  2. I watched it to review for you. Should call themselves Red Flag Productions. Way too leftie for me. Got 25 minutes in and felt my inner grrrrrr building. I decided to skip around. It is a a planet without God. Everybody sounds like they work for NPR. Phrases like "our collective future" and "we are the people we've been waiting for" are a big turnoff. They honor the "planet" the way we should be honoring God. No science....mostly feelings and earthy conclusions. They blame chemicals for poisoning us and of course, never mention anything about group 1 carcinogen contraceptives in our bodies and waterways. I doubt if they mention DDT and how removing that chemical has killed off millions of people and reduced agricultural yield in the third world. Fortunately they do not address population control (man's use of the resources, overpopulation, how we emit too much whatever when breathe). But I can help but think I know where they are on that subject. Man bad; nature good. Finally, couldn't stand the elevator music. I give it 4 sea turtles, 4 dolphins, 4 polar bears and 4 sustainable light bulbs.

  3. Thanks for the review and the belly laugh at the end. Laughter is the best medicine even on an unsustainable planet full of greenies! I have to say my antenna went up at the very beginning over the folks on their "safari." How uch did that cost and how much evil stuff was emitted into the atmosphere in getting there?