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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Lynch Mob Didn't Get the Verdict They Wanted....

A young boy shows he's learned the lessons of violence! they're burning down their town.

Makes sense, eh? What business owner in his right mind would rebuild among these barbarians?

Ferguson is a model for how to destroy your own community. Raise "gentle giants" who think nothing of robbing and terrorizing businesses then attacking police officers. Make sure your children "don't let anyone tell us what to do." Give them a wink and a nod when they curse at authority figures like teachers and school bus drivers. Ignore their acts of shoplifting, vandalism, and violence. Yup...that appears to be the model under which Ferguson operates.

I was talking to a school bus driver yesterday.
She's driven in the suburbs and in the city. She said she asked the kids one day why they acted the way they do. They replied in unison, "because we go to public school." In other words, they know they can get away with it. My friend said she has to be very careful of what she says or does on the bus. It's all recorded and the kids will be cut slack for their savage behavior but the bus driver better mind her p's and q's.

I wonder what the people of Ferguson, especially the moral people of Ferguson, will think when they have no stores to shop in, pharmacies to get their medicine, gas stations, restaurants, etc. The rioters burned the Walgreens, the Fashion R, the Conoco, the Little Caesar, a car dealership, etc. -- 25 structure fires according to the fire department which was impeded by rioters blocking their vehicles and even shooting. When the dust settles and life goes back to what passes for normal, what will be left of Ferguson? -- a devastated war zone.

And will any reasonable lessons be learned? About respect for law and the rights of others? About the need for personal moral behavior because ultimately we will answer to God for our actions?

I'm not optimistic. I've seen too many riots in my lifetime. I vividly remember the D.C. riots in 1968 after the murder of Martin Luther King. I was going to college in northeast only a hop and skip from the Shaw district on Rhode Island Ave., where I student taught at the junior high school. It was one of hardest hit areas of town. Some buildings are still boarded up to this day - a community that destroyed itself!

The height of the tragedy to me is the fomenting of race-hatred by a man whose election offered the promise of improved race relations. What has he given us instead? A nation more divided than ever before, where the flames of envy and hatred are continuously fanned for political gain.

What can we do? Pray and fast. Some demons can only be driven out that way. And then vote against those who foment lawlessness and anarchy and preach the politics of blackmail.

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