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Friday, November 21, 2014

Vatican Prep for Next Year's Synod

Synod council urges further discussion, preparation before October 2015 meeting

Those of us who love the Bride of Christ must also be preparing for the Synod by daily prayer for the participating bishops and for all the activities going on, especially by dissent groups agitating for change. We are in a crucial time for the Church and many of our clerical leaders have a questionable agenda. 

It would be fruitful to read about Church politics and intrigue in the 13th century when Catherine of Siena was so busy trying to bring peace and unity to the Church. I just listened to Sigrid Undset's biography of the great saint and Doctor of the Church on tape. It is considered the best modern biography of St. Catherine. 

Many of Catherine's experiences and battles for the Church reminded me of our own time. She was a fearless defender of the faith who spoke the truth to power. Of course she first engaged in heroic prayer and fasting in preparation for her "bridegroom's" instructions to her. 

I heartily recommend the book and urge you to pray for the Synod through St. Catherine's intercession. 

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