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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

There's a Lot of Post Election Chortling by Republicans....

But will their elections make any difference? Let's pray these pro-lifers don't sell their souls for their politics. We see that with plenty of so-called pro-lifers who abandon babies in the "hard cases" as if a baby conceived in rape or incest is less worthy of life. Since when do we sentence children to capitol punishment for the crimes of their fathers?

Fact Check ran an article clarifying the positions of GOP candidates against the distortions of their opponents. I found it rather horrifying, since most of the corrections are for charges that the candidates defend the unborn in all cases. Fact Check outlines all the exceptions these "pro-lifers" enthusiastically support. How would you feel about the statement -"I'm against abortion except in cases of rape and incest," if you were conceived in those situations?

Two rape victims lived with us when we were a shepherding home.. One was stabbed and lost her baby. The other was a victim of a date rape. Her child is an adult today and a mom herself. God never made a baby by accident even when the circumstances of conception were not according to His will. That just proves that God is bigger than sin. He brings good even out of evil.

Praise God today for all the survivors of rape -- both the rape victims -- and the little ones who survived in a culture that says their lives aren't worth living. And pray that our political leaders will defend the lives of all unborn babies. They are created equal and have a right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

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