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Friday, November 14, 2014

Same-Sex Relationships No Road to Happiness!

Former lesbian on why it’s ‘cruel’ for Church leaders to go soft on same-sex relationships
“Priests need to stop people-pleasing. They need to speak the truth in love. If people pack-up and go away, well, so be it. When their lives get broken, they’ll be back. And they’ll be back at a place that truly is a hospital, where people can find true comfort and healing.”
When CDF (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) released the document on homosexuality back in the mid 80s, local homosexual activists organized a protest at the Vatican Embassy in Washington, D.C. 
A pro-life friend called and said, "Why don't we go down and counter-protest." Why not? So we gathered several other pro-life activists and off we went with our abortion signs. That may sound strange, but this was in the middle of the rescue movement and, at every rescue, a contingent of homosexual activists were there proclaiming, "It's my body! My choice!" The pro-gay movement and pro-aborts were natural compadres and ,n fact, when we arrived I recognized a few  marching on the sidewalk.

Anyway, I was standing on one side of the driveway holding a sign with two side-by-side posters. One was the decapitated head of a little unborn baby. The other was the Planned Parenthood sign, "I Am the face of pro-choice America." On the opposite side of the driveway was a gay fella I recognized from the rescues. He obviously didn't recognize me because he looked at my sign, looked at me, looked at my sign...and then, unbelievable to me...he came across the driveway and offered me a sticker -- "Abortion on demand without apology." What?

I walked over to one of my friends, pointed to my sign, and asked, "Is there any doubt about which side I'm on?" 

"Not to me!" he replied.

During the course of the morning I had a long conversation with a handsome, young homosexual dressed in a suit. He was obviously part of the media contingent. He had a strange scar on his cheek -- a line with a round hole at either end. I wondered if it was the result of a safety pin piercing. At any rate, we had a very cordial conversation. He seemed so sad to me and wanted to know why homosexuals shouldn't do what they do. "Your bodies don't fit together," I answered. "It's like trying to force two puzzle pieces together that don't match." 

"But why did God make me this way if he didn't want me to be this way?" 

I couldn't see getting into the nature vs. nurture argument so I simply responded, "I don't know. Why did I get cancer?" (I was 39 and in the middle of chemotherapy.) 

How did our conversation end? I really don't remember, but I do remember that his name was Dan. Will you join me in praying for Dan today? He's probably in his 50s now and I hope he found the truth in his faith and has embraced chastity. There's no happiness in the self-destructive lifestyle of same-sex relationships, as Robin Beck's story illustrates -- only a temporary numbing of life's pain. It's repentance and embracing the will of God that transforms that pain into a holy joy!

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