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Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's Finally Official ---

Good-bye to Cardinal Burke...hello to French Archbishop Dominique Mamberti,

Some statements from Cardinal Burke as he prepares to take up his new assignment to Malta. (Interview with Edward Pentin):
[The cardinal] said he “often heard” prelates at last month’s two-week Synod on the Family in Rome say that because the culture has changed “so radically,” the Church “cannot teach as we had in the past.” But Burke responded by saying such a view betrays a “loss of hope in Jesus Christ, Who alone is the salvation of the world.” He acknowledged that the culture is “very corrupt” but added that doesn’t mean “we go chasing after it, but rather bring to the culture that which will save it and be full of hope.” 
Talk of possible schism has increased in the Catholic Church after the recent synod appeared to be leading the Church in a more “progressive” direction on moral issues. A controversial document issued by bishops midway through the meeting (which Burke called a “total disaster”) pointed to radical changes in the area of homosexuals, divorce, and remarriage among other things, but the proposals were largely toned down or failed to reach a consensus in the final report. 
Questioned about whether there is a genuine risk the Church might split, Burke said if, in the runup to a second synod on the family next October, bishops are seen to move “contrary to the constant teaching and practice of the Church, there is a risk because these are unchanging and unchangeable truths.” He also pointed out that the head of the synod of bishops, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, has “identified himself very strongly” with Kasper’s thesis and “subscribes to that school.”

Warning that this battle will continue, he called on Catholics to “speak up and act.”
When poisonous ideas are put forth to endanger the Church and the culture, faithful Catholics must respond. I've been reading Dietrich von Hildebrand's My Battle Against Hitler which details his fight against National Socialism and its evil ideas. In our own culture, evil ideas are also rampant. We need to fight them with the truth even when our opponents wear Roman collars. The pen is mightier than the sword and the rosary is mightier than the pen. Use both the rosary and the pen (or the keyboard) to promote the true the good, and the beautiful.


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  2. Thanks for the link. I hope many readers sign the petition.