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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pray for the People of Ferguson

The lynch mob is ready to roll. They've put out maps that target businesses that are totally unrelated to Michael Brown's death. Out of town agitators are stirring up racial hatred and envy. The governor has called out the National Guard in reasonable expectation of violence following an FBI alert that internet threats are calling for attacks on the police.

A friend sent me this email today:
Check out today's (Nov 18) Drudge Report. It seems that a grand jury's careful discernment of the truth is seen by radical agitators as an excuse for inciting violence.
It reminds me of how the Jewish mob in Pilate's praetorium threatened violence, if the Truth was not condemned to death. I wonder how many of the groups promoting this agitation have received grants from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development?
Too true, unfortunately. Rosary time for the people of Ferguson! Our Lady Queen of Peace, pray for them and for other cities where race baiters are inciting violence.

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