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Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's a Bulls Eye for the Rosetta Program!

Wow, the Rosetta program has captured the attention of the world as well it should. Think of trying to hit a bulls eye on a target a mile away with a high-powered rifle. Then imagine trying to hit a target 311 MILLION miles away. That is the accomplishment of the Rosetta Philae program that landed a refrigerator-sized probe on a small comet. What an amazing feat!

Think of what our scientists could accomplish if they all worked conforming their goals to the will of God. What a thought! Let's pray for scientists to imitate the great Catholics Louis Pasteur who always had well-used rosary in his pocket. And if you want to reflect on the contributions of Catholic scientists who were also priests and monks visit here for an impressive list. There is absolutely no conflict between faith and science.

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