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Monday, November 10, 2014

Sidewalk Counseling: The Front Line of the Abortion War!

Two thumbs up for this great video! I spent about 15 years sidewalk counseling -- in Falls Church and in Alexandria. One of the things we avoided was bloody pictures out front -- not because I disagree with their use. I'm 100% in favor of them in the correct context. But outside the abortion mill you are trying to reach the mom and you don't want a barrier that may keep her from talking to you. If see sees the bloody picture first she is more likely to go right by. If you give her literature that focuses on HER and HER NEEDS, she may listen. I usually had one photo of an abortion in the packet I distributed, but it wasn't the up front approach. That was a smile and a, "We're here today to offer you help. Most women don't really want an abortion but feel desperate. How can we help you? Sometimes they would talk, sometimes not. But I have photos of saved babies from my front line work and I rejoice in thinking about those little ones out in the world. I'm not so close to any abortion mills these days (Thank God!) but I still think and pray for all those dear ones out saving babies. Pray for sidewalk counselors. I know some absolutely wonderful, godly men who retired from worldly work to do the most important work in the world. They sidewalk counsel frequently.

Dick and Jim, I pray for you and your wonderful work. May God use your example to inspire many more to imitate your holy apostolate! Our Lady of Life, pray for us.

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