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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Have You Said, "Thank You" Today?

Today's gospel reading told about the cure of the ten lepers. When only one came back to say, "Thank you," Jesus asked if all ten were cured. He lamented that the only one to return was a "foreigner," because he was a Samaritan. But Jesus paid him the greatest compliment -- "Your faith has saved you." He was definitely NOT a foreigner to gratitude! Those who are "foreigners" to gratitude are likely to be "foreigners" to faith as well. Because gratitude is one of the "parent" virtues that stimulates all the others.

So think of someone to whom you owe gratitude and give them a phone call today or write them a note. I remember a friend of mine telling about a priest to whom she had written a thank you note. One day when she was with him she noticed that her note was the bookmark in his breviary (or perhaps it was another book). It was long past when she had sent it and it made her realize how important a little thing like saying thank you can be. How would you feel to know someone had a five or ten year old note from you marking the pages of his Bible?

What a great month to think about thanksgiving. Start today and say, "Thank you!" to someone every day through Thanksgiving. Won't that make your Thanksgiving Day especially meaningful?

I want to send a big prayer of gratitude especially to my parents, Ray and Margaret, for all the sacrifices and love they showered on me growing up and even after, and to my husband's parents, Albert and Margaret, who raised such a wonderful, considerate son. I couldn't have found a better man to marry and rear children with. Thanks, Honey, you are the best!


  1. When I heard that Gospel this morning I was struck by how quickly and completely the Lord responded to the leper who recognized Him in adoration and gratitude.

    I just love when Jesus says: Go. Your faith has saved you. He does it a lot. It is my longing that he will say that to me at my final judgement.

  2. I couldn't agree more. It seems to be Jesus' way of saying thank you.