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Monday, November 17, 2014

Don't Sign that Organ Card...

...unless you want your heart cut out while it's still beating and you're still breathing!

Family says doctors removed deceased girl’s organs too early

This happens frequently according to Dr. Paul Byrne. It is the ultimate in pragmatism. "Hey! The person will die anyway and we need fresh organs. If we wait until the person is really dead, the organs won't be any good. So, the person dies a little sooner. What's the big deal?" 

I'll tell you. Once the individual's right to life is considered qualified, anything becomes possible. If you can kill a person ten minutes before he's dead, why not an hour? And why bother doing anything that might actually save his life? After all, he'll probably be a vegetable. Tell that to people who have completely recovered from "hopeless" situations. 

And then there's the organ harvesting from prisoners in China. It's a big money-maker. Are some prisoners whose organs match a prospective organ recipient executed primarily for that purpose? Would anyone put that past the Chinese whose family planners go into villages and perform forced abortions on women only days from delivery? 

Pray for an end to our culture of death and a return to recognition of each of us a unique creation made in the image and likeness of God. 

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