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Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Logical Consequences of Obama's "Prosecutorial Discretion!"

by Father Tom Collins

Regarding President Obama's "prosecutorial discretion" over the past six years and his recent executive orders regarding those who violate our immigration laws, it is worth noting the following three points, which apparently have yet to be raised by government officials, the media (including conservative pundits) or the clergy:
1) Following the logic of President Obama concerning the expansion of his power of "prosecutorial discretion" to protect undocumented aliens from being deported, is he not, in the process of asserting the legitimacy of this widespread use of such discretion, also asserting the legitimacy of the exercise of such "prosecutorial discretion" by government officials of the Old South to have been legitimate, when they decided not to bother to prosecute those who exploited, robbed or killed African-Americans? 
2) Following his logic that it is unjust and cruel for children to suffer as a consequence of the the crimes of their parents, we should not make the spouses and children of those convicted of serious crimes suffer or be inconvenienced by being deprived of the presence and support of such family members in the home. Rather, we should release such felons from prison. 
3) Finally, why does he want to have undocumented aliens, who have been arrested on felony charges such as theft, kidnapping, rape and murder, be released into the custody of INS/Homeland Security for eventual deportation, rather than prosecuted for these crimes by local law enforcement authorities?  
With regard to this third point, I cannot help but wonder whether there is a new and rather lucrative "cottage industry" being developed for Latin American gangs, such as MS-13. Under the current policies set in place by President Obama, all that such a criminals would have to do would be to:
1) arrange to get paid for killing an American,
2) illegally enter our nation,
3) commit the crime,
4) get arrested,
5) get handed over to INS,
6) get deported by the INS and
7) collect the payment for the "hit" through an electronic fund transfer. The offer of a $100,000 payment from the beneficiary of a $1,000,000 life insurance policy would be a great incentive for the drug gangs to set up this new "service industry" in the USA, courtesy of our President. Sadly, such is the nature of the hospitality of unconstitutionality offered by our President and his sycophantic supporters.
God save us!

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