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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Evil Has Consequences and We Can See Them in the "Signs of the Times"

By Fr. Tom Collins

I see the "signs of the times" reflecting our current situation. For example, as Church leaders began to proclaim the "gospel of tolerance", we saw a new disease in our midst - AIDS. The AIDS virus should be, according to their thinking, a welcome evolutionary breakthrough. What the AIDS virus does is knock out the body's immune system, thus making it "tolerant" of any infectious organism that wants to kill it. The AIDS virus leads the body to react in a way that asserts that one organism is just as good as any other organism. So an infectious bacteria cell has as much "right" to live in the human body as does a cell of that body.

Also, cancer is just a mass of body cells that grows at its own accelerated rate, rather than at a rate in harmony with the rest of the body. In a similar manner, progressive theologians do not want to promote the integral and organic development of Church doctrine, but push for the accelerated acceptance of their cancerous agendas by members of the Mystical Body of Christ. In particular,
this "sign of the times" is evident in the dramatic rise of breast cancer.

As our society has embraced the idea that the womb, which should be nurturing new life, should be the place where new life is brutally butchered, so also female breast tissue, which God intends to be used to nurture new life, is becoming a two-edged sword of death. For we are witnessing how the breasts are being used ever more flagrantly through immodesty to seduce souls into lust and eternal perdition. Likewise, as a secondary effect of the widespread use of contraception and abortion, they also have become the nurturing ground for malignant cancers.

I pray that through the prayers of Our Blessed Mother, Mary, we may recover a clear and reverent appreciation of the sacredness of all that has been entrusted to our care.

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