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Monday, April 1, 2013

U.N. Considers Banning Abortion "Torture"

Yup, that's what their expert on torture says. First they called murdering babies in the womb "choice." Now those who try to stop it are guilty of "torture."

The only thing being tortured here is language, but verbal engineering is what tyrants always do so they can put a nice gloss on their evil deeds disguising them behind high-sounding words. Read 1984 - they called it "newspeak."


Anonymous said...

It is torture -- for the unborn child being torn apart or burned to death by saline, and the women who might die from a ruptured uterus, etc. Most in the U.N. do not know their heads but their behinds. Why don't they really put money into helping women and children instead of destroying both. Oh, I know; they love all the profit from selling the Birth Control Pill which contributes to breast and other cancers in women and pollutes the water. They also love the profit from doing abortions. It would be way too hard to teach people self control and to instruct physicians on how to save the lives of both the mother and the child. That might be hard, but the consequences of not doing so is far worse.

Anonymous said...

A correction to my post yesterday, April 2, at 7:31 pm: I meant to say "Most in the U.N. do not know their heads FROM their behinds".