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Friday, March 20, 2015

Church Politics: Cardinal Dolan and his Thugs.

Cardinal Dolan is, well what's the word? -- a hypocrite who says, "Bravo!" to all things homosexual but sets his thugs on faithful Catholics? Or is the word worldly politician who acts like Obama's union warlords who strong arm any opponents who dare to show up at his political cheerleading events? Or is the word CEO, head of a "corporation" that cares about little besides money and power?

Or is the answer -- all three? God help us when these are the kinds of "princes" who lead the Church. It bodes ill for the upcoming Ordinary Synod on the family where Dolan will likely be one of the game masters. Thanks, Michael, for exposing the "games." The most dangerous enemies of the Church are the ones inside her churches.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for Voris. Who else but a layman could out Dolan? And one with press credentials and a theological degree? Can you imagine what Rome will do to him when he shows up at the Synod next October? Will he get press credentials? He was THE one who openly asked about the inclusion of pro-gay-talk in the relatio press conference. That Hitler video was sharp enough to pick up on Voris and his camera. As a New York trad, todays Vortex was a drop of water on my tongue. God is good.

minbee66 said...

As a native New Yorker who has observed Dolan as Archbishop of New York, I cannot agree with you more.

As for Voris "outing" Dolan, a full treatment of Dolan's perfidy is at "The Faith Takes A Licking, Timothy M. Dolan Keeps on Ticking, Double Talking, and Taking Up Collections" at