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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Latest Gay Propaganda Film

This film is an excellent propaganda piece.
It states that a "gay" person can only live fully if he/she can act on the same-sex inclination. And it clearly illustrates that the gay agenda is to change the Church. Several participants explicitly say that they stay to change the Church. What do they want to change? The teaching that says homosexual activity is mortally sinful just as fornication and adultery are. Notice that no one ever discusses what homosexuals do with one another. That is always hidden. The gay bathhouses, the pornography, the pride parades with the thrusting pelvises and S & M garb. None of that is shown in this film because it would interfere with the strategy for normalizing homosexuality. Kirk and Madsen described how to get homosexuality accepted by the average man in the street and it's worked like a charm. The agenda has sodomized the culture in only a few decades. 

The implication in the film is that the Church refuses to accept homosexuals. Nonsense! The Catholic Church accepts EVERYBODY no matter what their color, their sexual inclinations, their sins. However, the Church calls EVERYBODY to holiness. !Those with same-sex attraction don't get a free pass to sodomize each other because that's what they feel like doing. Teenagers who feel like masturbating don't get a free pass either. Neither do those inclined to adultery like several people I've known. Chastity is EVERYBODY's calling. It calls the married couple to exclude every other person except that husband or that wife to whom vows were made on the wedding day. It calls the single person to engage in holy and chaste friendships. It calls the same-sex inclined person to the same.

This film is all about normalizing homosexuality, lesbianism, and transgenderism and portraying homosexual acts as normal and necessary to a fulfilled life. That, however, is a lie from the pit of hell. And if that lie leads homosexuals to act on their disordered and sinful inclinations, they will totter on the brink of hell. Which is why the priest in this video should be defrocked. It's clear what he's saying is that homosexuals have the right to sexual activity. That violates the 6th and 9th Commandments.

The timing of this film is interesting. It is part of the body of propaganda that will deluge us in the coming months before the Ordinary Synod on the family. Pray and fight the lie. As Scripture says, "The truth will set you free." (John 8:32). But be prepared to get the mailed fist for speaking it like teacher Patti Jannuzzi. There may be free speech for pornographers like the staff of Charlie Hebdo, but don't expect anyone to be out marching with signs that say, "I am Patti Jannuzzi."


  1. Pretty easy to make people seem lesser than when you don't identify (or even try to identify) with their struggles in life. These are real people, striving for holiness, telling their truth. This is not easy. This is exactly what Francis was talking about with "who am I to judge?"

  2. Everyone has struggles. You have no idea what mine are. But having struggles doesn't excuse choosing behavior that is seriously, soul-killingly sinful. No unrepentant active homosexual will go to heaven. That isn't my judgment but God's. No unrepentant fornicator or adulterer will go to heaven. That's not my judgment; it's God's.

    Read Romans chapter 1. Lust is one of the seven deadly sins and at Fatima the Blessed Mother said more people go to hell for sins of the flesh than anything else.

    There is no such thing as people telling "their truth." There is one truth -- God's. And if you are committing gravely evil sins, there is no way you are "striving for holiness." You might not like that message, but it's true. And I don't want anyone to go to hell because of my being silent or tickling their ears with lies that fool them into thinking they can live an immoral life and still be welcomed into heaven. It ain't happening!

  3. Seems to me that those who tell the truth are judged an awful lot these days....

  4. This is so wrong. it is telling young people that there are no boundaries, and that two men or two women misusing their bodies does not carry consequences. Sodomy among males contributes to torn rectums, anal and colon cancers, certain cancers of the mouth and a multitude of other STD's, and there is no getting around it.

    One young woman told how she came out of the lesbian lifestyle when she and her partner saw two brothers having sex together in the woods at an LGBT outing. When she mentioned to her partner how awful that was, the woman told her not to judge. That was when she finally realized that the boundaries in the Bible and most religions were there for a reason. and that breaking them only destroyed oneself.

  5. Unspeakably, BEAUTIFULLY said..all the way around Mary Ann! Brava!!!

    (and happy birthday :)