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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

VA K of C State Deputy Excuses the Inexcusable! Faithful Knights Respond.

St. Patrick, pray for the Knights of Columbus!
Well, it's pretty obvious that the Virginia State Council of the Knights of Columbus is going to do nien, nada, nothing about the serious scandal of extremist pro-abortion/pro-sodomy Governor Terry McAuliffe leading the K of C-sponsored St. Patrick's Day parade in Norfolk. You can read his weasel-worded letter below. But let me recap before you do.

In 2007 at their national convention, the Knights voted not to honor any pro-abort politicians by inviting them as speakers or honoring them in any way. This has been the consistent position (in words) of the Knights. (See here.)

Last year Council 3548 invited a pro-abort to lead the parade. Fr.Dan Beeman pastor of Holy Trinity, the parish with which the council is affiliated, asked them to reconsider and they did. (Note: The council has not had a chaplain for the past five years. Why is that one wonders?) They also promised at the time not to make the same mistake in the future. (See Fr. Dan Beeman's letter here.)
This year, in direct contradiction of their promise, they invited one of Virginia's most scandalous Catholics to serve as Grand Marshal of the parade and be their honored guest at the Emerald Ball preceding the event.

Despite calls from Knights around the state to halt the egregious scandal to the Church, the Virginia State Council is running from the battle (their yellow capes flapping in the wind).  

The children are more courageous than these "men" in black. Six Catholic schools have withdrawn from the parade. The little ones and their parents have more backbone than the K of C state cowards.

Meanwhile, Governor McAuliffe has assured everyone he is a lifelong Catholic who takes his faith "very seriously." He just doesn't believe any of it. But, hey, there are so many voters in the pew and if he's good enough to be honored by the Knights, well he must be a stalwart Catholic indeed!

Get your barf bag ready as you read the state deputy's letter:
March 10, 2015 via email 
Worthy Grand Knights,

It recently came to our attention that Council 3548, which organizes the Norfolk Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, had selected the Virginia Governor to be Grand Marshal. This selection has caused confusion and distress among some [Inviting a rabid pro-abort only concerns some?] of our members. Neither I nor any of the other State Officers were aware of this selection until after the invitation to the Governor had been made and accepted, and planning by the City and State of Virginia had been completed.

As a general rule, we would prefer to keep politics out of celebrations of this sort and would discourage the invitation of any politicians. However, the selection of the Governor as Grand Marshal should not be interpreted as implying approval or endorsement of his views on any issue. [Is this a joke? People won't perceive it that way?] The parade is a nonpartisan, apolitical civic event that is open to the public, and several recent Governors and other political and civic leaders have served as the Grand Marshal of the Norfolk Parade over its long history. The Governor's participation should be understood in that sense alone.

You should know there is some erroneous and misleading information [Oh really? Exactly what "erroneous and misleading information" pray tell? Was McAuliffe invited? Is he a pro-abort? Has he witnessed same sex weddings? Enlighten us!]  currently being circulated throughout the State by many who are not Knights. [That's me, just a knight's lady.] We are working to keep our discussions of sensitive matters  pertaining to the Knights of Columbus from being misconstrued. [State to the hoi-polloi -- Please just shut up and don't embarrass us!]

All of us have worked hard to make the Knights of Columbus an organization that is known for our strong faith [Sorry, silence in the face of grave evil implies consent and is certainly not a sign of "strong faith."!] and charitable works, and we should not allow this parade to become a distraction from the good work we do. [How much poison can be added to a "good" glass of wine before it kills?]

I am praying for those of us who feel so deeply about this situation, that we can all “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5). [We certainly trust in the Lord who spoke very clearly in persona Christi through Fr. Beeman. Why aren't the Knights listening?]

Be Faith in Action [Is this a joke?]
Steve Burnley

State Deputy
See responses from some REAL KNIGHTS in the comment section!