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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lepanto Institute Challenges Patti Jannuzzi's Bishop

An Open Letter to Bishop Bootkoski

Lepanto Insitute's (LI) open letter responds to one written by Bishop Bootkoski. Much of what he said in his letter is incorrect and alarming. He claims Patti Jannuzzi's Facebook post opposed Church teaching. LI disagrees and calls for the bishop to identify what she said that was theologically incorrect. Unfortunately, the bishop's letter seems more in line with clerics who advance the homosexual agenda by either their active enabling or their silence.

Patti Jannuzzi had the courage to speak out and articulate the truth that the homosexual agenda threatens the future of western civilization. That is simply a fact. The destruction of marriage rings a death knell for morality.

Pray for the bishop and for all those who have thrown this good teacher under the proverbial bus. Faithful Catholics deserve better!

A big thank you to Michael Hichborn and the Lepanto Institue for taking up this crucial issue. It's easy to understand the persecution of faithful Christians by the homosexual juggernaut. When it comes from princes of the is reminded of the bench of bishops who threw Thomas More under the bus!

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