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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Good Grief! Who is Minding the Vatican Store?

What, exactly is going on?

Here are a few of the bad speakers at the conference last week which was hosted but NOT organized by the Vatican. Rather an outside organization did the dirty (headed by Lucifer himself from the looks of things):

Deborah Rose-Milavec -- feminist and advocate of women's ordination, head of Future Church and one of the organizers of the conference

Tina Beattie -- feminist and advocate of abortion, women's ordination, homosexual activity, and same-sex "marriage"

The LifeSite article described what a reporter for the leftwing rag, National Catholic Reporter, wrote about the conference:
it “may have been the first such public conversation ever to take place at the center of the Catholic hierarchy.” Using language comparable to that of the feminist “womenpriests” movement, he said the topics discussed included “the need for the church to practice what it preaches about full equality between men and women, to include women in every level of decision-making, and to use inclusive language in its worship.” 
He remarked that while the topic of “women’s ordination” was “only discussed tangentially,” nevertheless the speakers “addressed the jarring lack of women in ministry in the church and in leadership positions in the Catholic hierarchy.” He quotes Vatican Radio’s Gudrun Sailer, who said, “It’s about recognizing, realizing that excluding women from the church [does] not conform to the Gospel. It’s not what the Gospel wants.”
Well, by implication, the Gospel wants abortion, homosexual sex, women's ordination and all that goes with it. This conference certainly reflects Pope Paul VI's statement that the smoke of Satan has entered the sanctuary. It certainly is polluting the Vatican City State. So exactly who approved the Vatican hosting this wicked event? This should lead us all to recognize how serious we must be in praying for deliverance.

And then there was the OTHER conference, the inside one sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Culture. Here's what LifeSiteNews said about it:
The internal event, sponsored by the Vatican’s own Pontifical Council for Culture, while having a less radical agenda, was still criticized for kow-towing to feminist paradigms. Critics expressed concern that the agenda for the meeting contained the jargon-heavy language of academic feminism but little that would mark this officially sponsored Vatican event as Catholic. Topics included, “Between equality and difference: the quest for an equilibrium,” “‘Generativity’ as a symbolic code,” “The female body: between culture and biology,” and “Women and religion: flight or new forms of participation in the life of the Church?” None of the materials for either conference contained a single reference to the Virgin Mary or the female saints or doctors of the Church. 
After pulling a video promoting the event in early February that was blasted on Twitter by hundreds of viewers from all sides of the Catholic political divide, the Council posted a photo of a headless, legless and armless statue, bound with ropes. When criticized again for this photo, which many compared with the pornographic film 50 Shades of Grey, the Council posted a note saying that although they acknowledged the criticisms, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi had personally decided the photo would stay. The photo, and the note, have since been removed.
Let us turn to St. Joseph, patron of the Universal Church, asking him to intercede for our spiritual fathers who continually demonstrate how clueless (or malicious) they are.  O good St. Joseph, pray for us and for Holy Mother Church under such attack from those who should be her greatest protectors. Our Lady, Mother of the Church, pray for us.


  1. Yes, I am praying the St. Joseph novena now. The message the Vatican is sending is unmistakable. I mean really this is kind of 'in your face.' Lord have MERCY on us, we are in very deep du du. Very very deep.

    St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle. We need your help too!!!

  2. I can only agree with TLM that the writing is on the wall. The inmates are running the asylum. The Pope seems to champion the rights of those disobedient to the teachings of the Faith. It just gets more and more outrageous.

    In addition to praying, let's speak up and defend the faith. Let's not give credence or deference to those who undermine it. Consider the chutzpah and doublespeak of Tina Beattie, who made the following comment at the lifesitenews article you cite:

    Please note: I have never compared the Catholic Mass to homosexual sex, except in the context of a closely argued theological critique of Hans Urs von Balthasar's theology. In other words, I am not speaking about the Mass itself but about von Balthasar's interpretation of the Mass. You can read the relevant chapters by following the link here:http://tina-beattie.blogspot.c.... Nor am I pro-abortion. The fact that I oppose the criminalisation of early abortion does not make me pro-abortion:

  3. There was an article about women not being able to be ordained priests on another Catholic website awhile back, I can't remember which one. A frustrated reader asked why couldn't that group couldn't go protest at an Orthodox Church or a conservative Jewish synagogue since women can't be ordained as priests or rabbis in those respective places.