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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Open Letter to Msgr. Seamus Brennan about Faithful Catholic Teacher Patricia Jannuzzi

March 17, 2015
If I have any worth, it is to live my life for God so as to teach these peoples.   St. Patrick
Dear Msgr. Brennan:
I write this letter with deep regret for the way you have treated religion teacher, Patricia Jannuzzi. She who should arouse in you pride and thanks for her fidelity to Church teaching has apparently become, instead, the parish pariah. Your persecution of this woman reflects a worldly attitude of political correctness and ear tickling and is certainly not your parish’s finest hour!
As Professor Robert George recently said to Breitbart news, the persecution of Jannuzzi is “disgraceful.” I read her Facebook post and the linked article. She was completely on target and in line with Church teaching. Your vilification  of this faithful teacher falls right in line with the behavior of Hollywood abortion/sodomy activists like Susan Sarandon who hate the Church and her doctrine. It is exactly what is happening in San Francisco now with the assault on Archbishop Cordileone for upholding the faith in his Catholic schools. Would that you showed the kind of backbone that good shepherd has.
Instead, you are cooperating in the evil being promulgated by homosexual groups who certainly DO have an agenda that includes recruiting young people. One would expect educators to be able to make the distinction between loving the sinner and hating the sin. That is what Jannuzzi was doing. Homosexual activists are a serious threat to the young as groups like Mass Resistance show by exposing homosexual activism in the schools where they are targeting younger and younger children. Here is just one example of gay recruitment of middle school children (ages 11-14 years old).
Such blindness to the danger of homosexual activism is a serious matter considering that you are in charge of the souls of young people. Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to dangerous experimentation, and the fact is that many young people are led into the homosexual lifestyle by those promoting the gay agenda. Anthony Esolen provides evidence in this article:
Patricia Jannuzzi did not condemn any individuals, she simply acknowledged the reality of a homosexual network that is undermining everything we as Catholics believe about marriage and sexual morality. The destruction of marriage is, indeed, an assault on western civilization. You should have applauded her courage instead of writing a mealy-mouthed letter damaging her reputation.
I am president of the Catholic Media Coalition and am also a long-time Catholic blogger. I have posted an article of support for Patricia Jannuzzi and am encouraging others to sign the petition and to write letters and articles defending her.
It is a sad situation when a woman’s pastor, a man who has known her for many years, would join the politically correct chorus calling for her crucifixion. What an irony that it should be happening during this holy season of Lent. I am confident God will bless her through this suffering. But what will he say to a shepherd responsible for the souls of hundreds of students who may be seriously scandalized by what has happened? (To be crystal clear, I’m speaking of your actions, not Patricia Jannuzzi’s.) I urge all those who read this to pray for you, your parishioners, and the students in your school.
I am publishing this correspondence on my blog as an open letter.
Mary Ann Kreitzer
President, Catholic Media Coalition


  1. I agree 100% with you. I am Pastor of a fairly large parish in California. I read what Patricia Jannuzzi wrote and it's completely in line with Catholic teaching and morality is is NOT offensive to anyone!

  2. Thank you for your confirmation, Father. The only ones offended are those pushing an agenda and their fellow travelers. It's sad to me that so many in the Church would rather tickle ears than call sin what it is and encourage sinners to repent so they won't spend an eternity in hell.

  3. Video of clip Susan Sarandon calling those who oppose legalizing gay marriage in MD "haters" and promoting a strategy of "divide and conquer" which she immediately implements by going on to say that churches will have the right NOT to marry homosexuals and to raise their children in a "socially committed atmosphere" (whatever that means).

    One wonders when the nephew and his homosexual friends went to Immaculata and exactly what is promoted at that former McCarrick see high school:

    "Monsignor Seamus F. Brennan, the pastor of the Church of the Immaculate Conception, which oversees Immaculata and its affiliated elementary school, told parishioners Sunday that the school first learned of the allegation [videotaping boys in the high school showers] against (Asst Principal) Lott three weeks earlier and immediately reported them to the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office."