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Friday, March 20, 2015

Immaculata High School Needs More Patricia Jannuzzis

Patricia Jannuzzi was merely speaking Catholic doctrine when she posted a comment on her Facebook page about the gay agenda. She was right. But she's paying a steep price for not playing the politically correct game and holding her tongue. Anyone today who calls out our modern day Herods, like John the Baptist did, can expect to have his head demanded on a platter.

Well, things at Immaculata haven't been so squeaky clean in the past few years. Homosexual scandals have plagued the school. Check out these articles about the activities going on at Immaculata High School in recent years -- including an assistant principal videotaping nude boys in the showers.

Maybe there's a reason that the teacher who warned about the evils of the homosexual agenda is the one not welcome by Fr. Seamus Brennan:
Immaculata Scandal
Secret Camera in Immaculata Shower Videotapes Naked Boys
Third Scandal at Immaculata
What's happened to Patricia Jannuzzi because of her faithfulness to the teachings of the Church is disgraceful! We should do more than wring out hands, though. You can help her family by making a small donation here.


  1. Good work in locating these. It certainly sheds light on this mess. I'll be posting these along with Michael Hichborn's video soon.

  2. It really is interesting thinking about the different things that can happen when you talk about controversial things. This seems like something that could be a little more lenient when you're in an actual catholic school. That being said, there would still be some regulations on what can be said, which makes sense with it being a church school. Thank you for sharing.