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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fr. Rosica backs down: He was only kidding; never threatened a lawsuit.

Progressives offer lots of entertainment value. Fr. Rosica wasn't threatening a lawsuit. Hells bells, he would never consider such a thing! He was just politely asking for a retraction. Right, Father.

Here's a portion of the letter sent by his lawyers:

This reminds me of Cardinal Kasper's claim that he never made those racist remarks about the African bishops. Well, you decide. Read what Vox Cantoris is reporting about how events unfolded. Now, exactly, who is believable? Fr. Rosica, the enabler of heretic Gregory Baum, or David Domet, husband and father, who blogs defending the faith in his spare time. Hard question, eh? Fr. Rosica's web is unraveling. Pray for him and all those clerics who care more about advancing their personal agenda than upholding the faith of our fathers.

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