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Monday, March 23, 2015

Thought for the Day: What are you Teaching your Children?

Or even more importantly -- what are you allowing your children to be taught?

When you consider the situation of religion teacher Patti Jannuzzi being fired for speaking the truth on her Facebook page, and when you consider the constant brainwashing of children (even in Catholic schools) on tolerance for homosexual activity, and when you consider a host o:f other subjects like evolution, sex ed, etc. all being shoved down the throats of little ones.....

Well...maybe it's time to get back to basics and what the Church has taught for millennia about the truths of the faith and the obligation to pass them on.

Read these words of wisdom from Pope Pius XI (1939):

Nevertheless, Venerable Brethren and beloved children, We wish to call your attention in a special manner to the present-day lamentable decline in family education. The offices and professions of a transitory and earthly life, which are certainly of far less importance, are prepared for by long and careful study; whereas for the fundamental duty and obligation of educating their children, many parents have little or no preparation immersed as they are in temporal cares. The declining influence of domestic environment is further weakened by another tendency, prevalent almost everywhere today, which, under one pretext or another, for economic reasons, or for reasons of industry, trade or politics, causes children to be more and more frequently sent away from home even in their tenderest years. And there is a country where the children are actually being torn from the bosom of the family, to be formed, (or, to speak more accurately, to be deformed and depraved) in godless schools and associations, to irreligion and hatred, according to the theories of advanced socialism; and thus is renewed in a real and more terrible manner the slaughter of the Innocents.
Every tyrant knows that controlling the future means controlling the minds and hearts of the children. What are your children learning today? Are your values taking root in them or are they being formed by godless professors in college classrooms and local schools? Don't let them forget where they come from!

It's worth thinking about.

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