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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Virginia Knight Calls for Disbanding of Rogue Norfolk Council

Read this and please sign the petition!

I'm Pete Barker, Life Member of the Knights of Columbus since 1963. I belong to Council #10601 in Virginia Beach.
Recently in Norfolk, Fr. Robert B. Kealey Council #3548 invited 100% pro-abortion, 100% pro homosexual marriage and 100% pro-homosexual adoption Gov. Terry McAuliffe to be the Grand Marshall of their St. Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday over the objections of their pastor, Fr. Dan Beeman, and their Bishop, Most Rev. Bishop DiLorenzo. (See below for related documents). This is totally incompatible with the order of the Knights of Columbus that stands for and defends Life and Marriage between One Man and one Woman. Also the order has a firm policy to not bestow honors on public officials who do not defend Life and Marriage.

But this is not the first time that Council #3548 has been rebellious. Last year council members invited 100% pro-abortion, 100% pro-homosexual marriage and 100% pro-homosexual adoption Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam to be their Grand Marshall. At the insistance of their pastor, they reluctantluy relented and chose the local Police Chief instead. But there have been many other actions by this Council over the years, big and small, that demonstrate that they do not, in fact, stand for Life or Marriage between One Man and One Woman.

In addition, their longstanding St. Patrick's Day Parade,, does not in any way lift up St. Patrick and the tenets of the Catholic faith. Rather, the parade and public Knight's party afterwards is an ocassion for drunkenness and unsavory behavior of all types. The adjoining church parking lot is often turned into a litrine and a garbage dump.

Rather than being helpers to their priest, Council #3548 has been a constant thorn in his side. As a result of this latest Terry McAuliffe invitation and the council's longstanding opposition to cooperation with their parish, Fr. Beeman has terminated the council's relationship with Holy Trinity Church.

I am now calling on my fellow Virgina Knights and all others to request that Council #3548 be formally terminated and disbanded as a council in the order of the Knights of Columbus. Clearly Council #3548 has blatantly demonstrated that they do not stand for the values of the order. If you agree that should be formally terminated and disbanded, please sign this petition and please pass it on to others who feel likewise.

Thank you & Vivat Jesu

Peter Barker

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