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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

When a Prince of the Church Advances Sodomy -- He Drives the Lance into Christ's Heart!

Note the "gay problem" of a homosexual priest sharing his rectory with his same-sex lover. Yes indeed, the smoke of Satan is in the sanctuary and in the rectories and Satan has plenty of sidekicks in the episcopacy. God help those false shepherds on Judgment Day.

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  1. Michael Voris connects the dots regarding Dolan and gay marriage in NY.
    3/8/11 Dolan and the New York State bishops met with Gov. Cuomo at a lunch meeting at his Albany residence. Josh Vlasto, a spokesman for Mr. Cuomo, said afterwards: “The governor enjoyed his lunch meeting with Archbishop Dolan and the bishops from the Catholic Conference. He looks forward to continuing to work closely with them during his administration.”
    3/9/11 The day after the NYS bishops met with Cuomo in Albany, Cuomo brazenly (my word) came out to announce that NYS would have gay marriage in time for the June pride parade. Cuomo Vows Personal Push to Legalize Gay Marriage - NYT