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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Dymphna and the State of the Church

Thank you, Archbishop Vigano!
Dymphna'sRoad posted some important information the past few days. Check it out here and here. The first post asks if your bishop has called for an investigation of McCarrick and hotlinks to a summary of U.S. bishops' statements. It's incomplete as yet but gives information about the response to Archbishop Vigano's call for transparency and investigation. You can also click to share on Facebook and Twitter. Please, let's make this go viral -- and be sure to thank your bishop if he's one of the 54% calling for an investigation.

It is a sad commentary that the U.S. bishops could not even agree at their meeting this past week to pass a resolution urging the pope (Pretty, pretty please with sugar on top...) to release the documents about McCarrick's abuse.

Some bloggers claim there is no evidence for Vigano's accusations. That simply isn't true. Much of the data is locked up at the Vatican behind a BIG STONE WALL! But it is going to come out. If the hierarchy won't do the job, the state will -- with a big, fat RICO suit as Dymphna suggests. And they are no friends of the Church! But if you read the Old Testament you can't miss the fact that God often uses enemies of the Chosen People to chastise them. Why should we expect anything different?

The Lavender Mafia in the Church has been running a protection racket for years, but, as Fr. George Rutler suggests (another Dymphna post) the Church is filled with pagans who want a "cute Catholicism" and will run when the going gets tough:
“As Leviathan’s lions begin to roar, the nominal Catholics will skip out of the arena. Roman Catholicism has become for baptized pagans a neuralgic kind of Cute Catholicism, with leprechauns, mariachi bands and Santa Claus instead of confession, prayer and fidelity to doctrine. But behind each leprechaun St. Patrick stares, and behind every mariachi band Our Lady of Guadalupe weeps, and behind every Santa Claus Christ himself judges.”
"Christ himself judges." Indeed! Serious Catholics will stay in the arena and meet the lions with a smile and a song of praise for Christ our King wearing the armor of God and holding our ground. Let those who worship the pope and love their "cute Catholicism" instead of Christ our King explain that on Judgment Day.