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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Homeland Security Confirms Fraud at the Border! Yes, Virginia, It IS an Invasion.

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen warns that migrant
caravans are using children as "human shields."
Migrants Use Children as Human Shields

Think about this for a minute. Liberals love to USE children for their own nefarious purposes. A few examples:

  • Hospitals that do abortion always send out fundraising letters showing beautiful pictures of babies saved in their neonatal units. Why don't they send out photos of the moms and dead babies killed by their abortion? Obvious answer. Gotta hide that ugly truth!
  • Liberals always talk about "saving the children" while they kill the children. Remember WACO and RUBY RIDGE
  • Liberals promote activities that put children at risk like promoting the homosexual lifestyle through drag story hours and promoting of transgenderism. This is ALL about "grooming." As one homosexual admitted. “Why would we push anti-bullying programs or social studies classes that teach kids about the historical contributions of famous queers unless we wanted to deliberately educate children to accept queer sexuality as normal?....We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality. In fact, our very future depends on it. Recruiting children? You bet we are." Children are pawns these sick people.

  • Liberals say not one word against the human traffickers bringing children into the U.S. And in fact they defend it. Planned Parenthood is a huge sex trafficker, providing abortion so victims can be recycled and re-trafficked. Here's just one paragraph from the linked report:
A study on the brutal sex trafficking trade published by the Loyola University Chicago’s Beazley Institute documents how traffickers often force their victims to get abortions at Planned Parenthood so they can quickly get them back on the streets. The report notes that victims had “significant contact with clinical treatment facilities, most commonly Planned Parenthood.” In fact, Planned Parenthood was the top most-visited facility for trafficking victims, second only to hospital emergency rooms. When asked why they went to Planned Parenthood, one survivor said “because they didn’t ask any questions.”
  • This latest exploitation of women and children at the border is more of the same. And the photos of women and children being gassed are likely staged. Yes, the border patrol is using tear gas, but its the despicable men pushing them to the front using them as spear points who put them in danger. Check out the enhanced photo at Moonbattery to see all the photographers who appear to be setting up their photo ops. Liberals love to attack Moonbattery because they are just so darn effective. Hence they are "homophobic, misogynist, alt-right, racist, white-privileged, fanatical, Bible-thumping wingnuts." (Did I miss anything?)



    "Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the group in charge of the annual "migrant caravan," launched its effort during Holy Week by invoking the Stations of the Cross with biblical costumery and prop crosses. When they're not serving as human traffickers masquerading as human rights activists, these travel agents for amnesty busy themselves constructing shelters along their illicit pathways that span the globe. Catholic groups have sponsored and subsidized such nation-sabotaging campaigns for decades.

    The Vatican itself donated at least $20,000 in 2009 to erect a shelter for Central American illegal aliens sneaking through Ixtepec, Mexico, where they hopped on freight trains into our country. Another papal society, Catholic Extension, has poured more than $12 million dollars into ministries along our southern border over the past five years "to ensure that those who are on a journey are protected by the Church and that we advocate on their behalf," according the Catholic News Agency."
    "In Washington state, the Jesuit-affiliated St. Joseph Catholic Church of Seattle blasted President Trump's "destructive and brutal" immigration enforcement and declared "our unwavering solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the immigrant community." All deportations violate "Catholic Social Teaching" and "the common good," the parish asserted."
    "As a Catholic who believes in strict immigration enforcement, I have argued repeatedly that it is one thing to show compassion to legal immigrants, legitimate refugees and asylees, and those abused and mistreated by smugglers. It's quite another to conspire against an orderly immigration and entrance system that imposes commonsense limits, eligibility requirements, criminal background checks, medical screening and a commitment to assimilation."
    BTW MS13 was created right in LA .Formed by immigrants who DID NOT assimilate.
    See Frontline Documentary

  2. Mary Ann, nothing to do with this post. I saw your comment on Julie’s blog and I apologize for saying you were a convert. I am not sure why thought that. I guess it is your condemning attitude towards Pope Francis and the fact that you question the legitimacy of his papacy. And yes, I am concerned for any Catholic who rejects the Vicar of Christ. I will correct my post.

  3. Rejecting the Vicar of Christ?

    Dear Brooklyn Catholic,
    The Church teaches that only when the Pope speaks from the Chair of Peter ( ex cathedra) is he speaking infallibly and that has only been since the 1800s that it was declared formerly.

    This morning the mayor of Tijuana, Mexico was on the News and he said he blames the organizers of the caravan for the human suffering in the migrant camps in his city.
    "These are people's lives" , he said.

    Three guesses just who is responsible in large part for creating this human catastrophe and it is NOT President Trump ! The $20,000.oo contribution by the Vatican is nothing.
    There is something seriously UNChristian about using human beings to the detriment of their well being ,to promote your world view of globalization for power profit and gain.
    It USED to be called COMMUNISM. A political movement couched in humanitarianism more rightly described as humanism ,and it is always a lie.