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Monday, November 26, 2018

The Left, Who Love to Use Chemical Weapons Against Babies in the Womb,...

...are going ballistic over border agents using tear gas against the invasion on our southern border. Well, who doesn't know what a bunch of hypocrites they are?

Mexico To Deport All Of The ‘Human Stampede’ That Rushed The Border (PLUS: The Left Losing Its Mind)

Hey, with the Left it's a-okay to inject digoxin into a baby's heart or attack him with RU 486 or any other number of lethal drugs to kill him directly. But using non-lethal tear gas or pepper spray for mob control is a crime against humanity! It's time to recognize them for what they are: socialists who hate God and hate the United States and the principles on which she was founded.

OH... and you know that their criticism is ALWAYS kind, tolerant, and civil. When you stop laughing, read this (thankfully edited) tweet from actress and vocabulary-challenged Alyssa Milano.

The left has been attacking children and families for years! That's what socialists do. The commies did it in Russia. The Nazis did it in Germany. Separate children from their parents. Encourage them to spy and inform on them. The Left ALWAYS target vulnerable children with their brainwashing techniques because if you can take the hearts and minds of the children you own the future. Here's what a leftie told a relative of mine when he said, "You'll lose because we're having children and you aren't." The reply? "That's okay; we're taking yours." Sad to say, in some cases, even in good Catholic families, they are succeeding. Hold your kids close and teach them to be critical thinkers. God gave us our reason TO JUDGE. Let's make all our judgments good ones.

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