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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Facts from the Border Invasion


  • Most of the invaders are adult males, the "vast majority."

  • Some are carrying the flags of THEIR country while they demand asylum from the U.S. and chant anti-U.S. slogans. Are these people really seeking asylum because they are in danger in their own countries? If they are "fleeing" like the Jews from Nazi Germany, as socialist congresswoman elect Ocasio-Cortez claims, why are they carrying those flags?
  • Women and children are being pushed to the front making great photo ops for the liberal press and as a strategy to hinder the border patrol's use of NON-LETHAL methods, i.e. tear gas.
  • "Rocks" the size of boulders are being thrown at border agents. Earth to liberals, -- rock throwers kill people. In Afghanistan they "stone" people to death. People are killed by even small rocks when they're thrown from overpasses. This is the kind of vehicle the border patrol needs to protect agents from rock throwing illegals.

  • As usual the mainstream media is spinning the border defense in such a way as to attack Trump and the U.S. in general. The same media that never saw a mutilated aborted baby without defending the murderer, accuses the border patrol and ICE of crimes against humanity for using tear gas and separating families. The men and women defending the border are patriots and heroes the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC are often liberal liars who don't report the news, but spin it to fit their liberal objectives. Call them out!

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