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Monday, November 12, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Silence Implies Consent. How Many Bishops Consent to the Corruption?

And it is silence that kills faith
in Christ and Holy Mother Church
Nabi Sayeth: The silence on the part of the bishops to the corruption that has been credibly reported about bishop Malone of the diocese of Buffalo is shocking! With so much evidence from very reliable sources (including his former personal secretary), why the silence?

Christopher Altieri, a veteran Vatican reporter with 20 plus years experience wrote a scathing analysis in Catholic World Report:

“Not a single one of Bishop Malone’s confreres has publicly corrected him, let alone called for his resignation. We continue to hear from some quarters the pious platitudes about the “good bishops” who love their people. If one of them were good, he would denounce his brethren for their cravenness. He would rend his vestments. He would don sackcloth and ashes and do penance. He would say what he knows, or reasonably suspects.

"Who is that man?

"The evidence suggests their mitred highnesses are all terrified: of losing their place? No. Of being found out? No, again. Nor is their fear for what may befall them, should they keep silence. It is for what might befall them, should they speak. They are afraid of being expelled from the club — or worse — having spoken, of becoming a pariah within it.

"May we reasonably hope for any good from their Fall Meeting? Their silence bespeaks a general pusillanimity, unbecoming men ordained to be shepherds for God’s holy flock and high priests blameless in His sight, ministering to Him night and day. The worst are quite possibly criminal. To continue to place any sort of trust in this Quisling brotherhood is folly. It is maudlin. It is morally criminal.

"Let one of them — one — stand up and say he shall no longer be a part of this fiasco. Let one of them own the crisis without stint, for all the brethren, come what may. Let one of them raise his voice and cry out, Ecce adsum!”

St. Peter Damian, pray for us!


  • a skewed sense of loyalty? Brotherhood? 
  • fear of ostracism? 
  • fear of being perceived a hypocrite? 
  • fear of drawing attention to their own denial/cover-up/lying? 
Bottom line: Their silence “speaks” volumes. They have revealed themselves to be feckless, cowardly, dishonest, fearful and disgustingly bad shepherds.

Nabi Sayeth: It is past time for the St. Peter Damians and St. Catherine of Sienas of today’s Church to rise up and speak: Good priests, courageous personal secretaries, chancery workers….all of the devoted laity, must rise up and save the bishops from themselves.


  1. These are interesting times. Bishop Athanasius being seat belted to his Country. Cardinal Burke being reduced and ever more restricted [whatever happened to the correction that was to follow the unanswered dubia?] Additionally, those who are guilty [McCarrick, Wuerl, Malone, Dolan, Cupich...] are untouched? Those that speak [Archbishop Vigano, the Priest who burned the Parish rainbow flag...] are threatened. One would think, even through all of this, that those who know they must speak out would unite and do so already knowing the Faithful will be there to support and protect them day in and day out. Truly mind boggling. God bless you, your wonderful family, and Holy Mother Church!

  2. How about a fear of being fired and going from the chauffeured mansion lifestyle to living in a trailer park.

    Francis will have your head if you break ranks. Bishop Holly's firing was a shot across the bow. Don't think you can act independently and survive.

    All I have read about Holly tells me he did not deserve to be fired, but he was and lightening fast.

  3. It's obvious they are not politicians who will turn on one another in a heartbeat.

  4. Really, John? You think there are no Church politics and clerical politicians?