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Saturday, November 3, 2018

I Don't Know Anything about Bishop Holley, but This Sure Stinks!

Cardinal Wuerl whom we know covered up sex abuse continues to serve as a bishop and, in fact, remains a kingmaker on the Congregation for Bishops. The pope has praised his "nobility" and called him a "model bishop!"


Meanwhile Bishop Martin Holley was abruptly removed...without charges...just ordered to step aside...WHY? The reasons are shrouded in silence which immediately makes me suspicious.

Under canon law pastors have the right to recourse if they are removed. Certainly bishops, as pastors of their dioceses, have that right as well.

So exactly why was Bishop Holley abruptly removed while Cardinal Wuerl continues to be honored and remains on the congregation to recommend the next bishops? (God help us!) We know what the McCarrick/Wuerl/Tobin/Cupich/Bransfield crew have done to batter poor Holy Mother Church.

But Bishops Holley is the one removed?

Frankly, it makes me wonder whether the gay mafia rules Memphis and decided Holley had to go because they feared he was going to blow the lid off things.

I have no idea whether that's the case, but the manner in which the pope handled this stinks.

Where is the due process?

Hears the even-handed story from the U.K.'s Catholic Herald:

The Mysterious Removal of Bishop Holley

What do you think?

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